Wednesday, 19 October 2011

al kisah about student "studyholic"

okey! usual,as student not more about asigemnt,Quiz,mid-term bla bla bla...
same goes with this both person..yay!
i'm calling them sisters b'cos they a bit senior then me...
their ages also older than me.. 
let story about the 1st are not mention here..hehehe :)
she's taking BBA...she have a lot of asigment to finished!as usual, every single student always rush and clumsy doing their asigment at the end of semester..same goes with this sis..she always slept at her friend house because to finished their group asigment..then,one day...taraa!..she sms pick her up at the friend agree..then i go there and pick her using her bike!
then we reach hostel..our beloved hostel that similar to shop house..hehe:) i'm asking her if she want to follow me go to cafe..but she refuse..then while i am waiting my friend lia,she go to the wrong room..haha..funny what..she really tired!i'm not sayig anything because i though she meet her friend because she has mention to me earlier she want to meet her friend that why i though she climb another room to meet her friend!then she said "salah bilik lah"haha..another story to be continue...hehe:)good night.............

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